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Welcome to the Box Network, the alternative network. We aim to give you the best of everything: entertainment, eye candy and most of all, information. We are here to give you the best experience possible so if you have any problems with our network then please E-mail us at

UPDATES ON THE BOX NETWORK the alternative network

  • Our New Design,

We’ve finally changed that old, Schoolboy, type web page into something that’s a little more respectable and easier to update. Once we have got all the sites up on this Network we are considering redesigning this site yet again, so watch this space for more information. By Boxman

  • Information on,

It has been confirmed that is to be launched first out of all our sites. We’re sorry about making you wait for our sites to launch but we have been very busy lately. We promise to keep you informed about any new information we get. By B-O-X-2-2.

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